Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is "Terrorism" the Enemy?

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ believes that it is a tragic mistake to declare war on a tactic in lieu of the real enemy which simply utilizes the tactic to achieve his political/religious ends. A case in point is the present "war on terror".

Please read this good news with a sense of remorse: our peers and pundits are puppy-dogging the PC MSM into calling the Jihad (this Islamic Holy War) by this fictitious moniker "al-Qaeda" or "terrorism". What a tragedy we live in when we can't call our enemy by its proper name. Folks, our enemy is Islam, its Wahhabi and Salafist sponsors in Saudi Arabia and Egypt and Muslims worldwide who are praying to Allah that their brethren defeat us "infidels" and establish a "caliphate" here on Earth.
Conservatives are screaming from the rooftops that the "beheader-in-chief" Jihadist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Iraqi master of Islamic Wahhabi insanity is dead. So what? The only thing this will do is force the left to deny what it publicized as the failure of the Bush Administration to do and move on to another distortion to impale rational Americans and our present leaders on. Additionally, the PC leftist media mere hours after the announcement of the successfull attack on Zarqawi and his thugs were bemoaning the collateral "civilian" casualties.

It is a great feat to have captured and or killed the real Satan in Iraq. Unfortunately, the military is not PC in this age of the cowardly surrender monkey who lives by the jaw and dies by beheading. The tragedy is in the process. Muslims are building their caliphate. They are 1.3 Billion strong. And they use beheadings and killing innocent women and children as their standard Geneva Convention.

The insanity of the left is so pervasive, rational humans are kneeling down and voluntarily putting their head in the guillotine.

As an example of how the left feels about it, Michael Berg, the father of Nick Berg, who was beheaded by Zarqawi, says that it is George Bush, not Zarqawi who was responsible for his son's death, and he feels no sense of relief at Zarqawi's death, just sadness that another human being had to die. Amazing that he considers Zarqawi a human being.


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Wadical said...

Isn't this becoming tiresome? It's the same 'ol excuse for everything..."It's Bush's fault." Bush didn't saw Berg's head off! He didn't force that idiot to go over to an unsecured war torn Iraq with no solid offer of employment.

Personal accountability is a foreign concept to liberals...they're not responsible for their mistakes and Zarqawi isn't responsible for his deliberate heinous acts...It must be the President's fault. Unbelievable! It never ceases to amaze me how the liberal left is so willing to bend over backwards in the name of subserviant dhimmitude.