Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Horns of a Dilemma

Kalifornia has long prided itself on being in the vanguard of the movement to advance the "progressive" (leftist) agenda of saving the planet from the evils of industrialization and other predations engendered by human activity. The prohibition on the construction of nuclear power plants enacted some decades ago and the phasing out of existing power plants through onerous regulations has resulted in the dearth of available energy sources and the concomitant periodic shortages of that commodity. The resultant blackouts are invariably blamed on the evil, greedy and hapless businesses engaged in the supply sector.

Included in the big tent of leftist activist organizations to save the environment and promote "social justice" are the animal rights wackos as well as environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and Greenpeace. What is a leftist activist to do when such holy groups offer up mutually exclusive solutions for their touted "crises"?

In order to reduce the global warming crisis caused by the release of greenhouse gasses including methane emitted by the flatulence of meat producing animals such as bovines and sheep, we are urged by none other than Greenpeace to substitute the Australian marsupials known as kangaroos. This is in clear and flagrant violation of the four decades Kalifornia prohibition on the importation of any kangaroo-derived products.

It becomes increasingly unclear how a leftist wishing to bring western industrial civilization to an end can comply with the recipes cited for such policies without contravening other well meaning proscriptions. Perhaps the Islamists have the most effective method for the accomplishment of that objective; that being to slay all western infidels refusing to convert to the "religion of peace".


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Wadical said...

I'm perplexed. How the hell does substituting Kangaroo meat for beef in any way reduce the methane gas produced by a bunch of cows farting? If we don't keep the population of domesticated cows in check by slaughtering them, they will proliferate exponentially, thereby making more cows who will fart even more methane into the air and defeat the entire purpose of eating Kangaroos in the first place. Am I off base here or what?

BTW, I have a really cool change purse made from a Kangaroo scrote! The pic reminded me of it. Aussie girl at work gave it to me. It holds a hell of a lot more change than one might expect. Them 'roos got some big nads!