Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Another Country Heard from

A recent post by the Curmudgeon Emeritus on the subject of Israel's ongoing struggle for its very survival speaks truths that sadly most of humanity is unaware of. The enemies of western culture have, by their seizure of the media and academia succeeded beyond even their own wildest expectations. As evidence of this postulate I herewith present the translation of a comment published on a popular (rated in the top 10) Swedish blog .
The commenter addresses his comment to "Zionistlover" an apparent reference to the blog poster. In this instance Mrs. ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ.

Zionistlover ...

Helen Thomas,  the journalist, is correct in saying:
"Jews out of Palestine".
It was a BIG mistake to create the Zionist state, this killer band that is thought to be above the law.

The increasing Islamisation of Europe is a problem, yes, but that is  partly a consequence of the world's having given the Zionists too much leeway.
I am sorry to say,  they do not play by the rules, for example, disclosing their nuclear weapons, and because of that there is unfortunately  only one solution. Just as in Iraq,  Israel should be invaded and Netanyahu as well as other Zionists brought to justice, destroying all Israeli weapons of mass destruction, appropriating their money and paying it back  to the people in Gaza, Jordan and Syria as their homes were expropierade without any compensation.
An international force should be organized in the same way as in Yugoslavia to keep the parties separated, with the right to shoot Zionists and others who do not respect the new division.

Port workers in Sweden are quite right, just as against apartheid in South Africa in it's time, a boycott is a possibility. Therefore, we must hope the rest of the world will follow and  ban zionist products and demand  special Zionist visa, it may well be a yellow star, on the document.

Proud anti-Semite, Peder Jensen.
PS. No Jews should not be eradicated, they only have to behave properly, it means they are not above any law.

Gentle reader, Peder Jensen expresses the views of a not inconsiderable segment of the European electorate. He appears to have little to no concept of the Anglo Saxon common law philosophy or for that matter natural law.  Tragically, his position is what is increasingly recognized as politically correct in today's academia.


SPSchnepp2 said...

And yet... what would happen to him if he said the same about Muslims? Or blacks? Or illegals in the US?
As a Christian, as an American, and as a soldier sworn to defend the Constitution, this man does offend my every sensibility. It would appear Europe has forgotten what happened the last time they got into this train of thought.

Nick Rowe said...

It was India's support for Israel why they bombed trains in Mumbai.

It was Spain's support for Israel why they bombed trains in Madrid.

It was Russia's support for Israel why they seized a theater in Moscow and a school in Beslan.

It was Indonesian support for Israel why they blew up hotels in Bali.

It was Philippine support for Israel why they beheaded missionaries outside Manila.

It was Iraq's support for Israel why they bomb mosques in Baghdad.

It was Pakistan's support for Israel why they bomb markets in Karachi.

Whenever I'm told we had no enemies in the Middle East until we supported Israel, I'm reminded they are killing people around the world who NEVER supported Israel.