Monday, November 22, 2010

They Still Do not Get It

All members of Congress and Administration officials with a security detail are EXEMPT from the jail booking procedures forced on ordinary law abiding citizens who must fly commercial air lines.

In other words: the crooks are exempt from scrutiny while the rest of us must prove our innocence. Such irony!


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Hot Sam said...

I spent some time talking to a woman from China last week. Her father is a Communist Party official.

She and her mother are Christians, but her father is not allowed to be. A large and growing portion of the population of southern China are Christian in a country that is officially atheist.

She said that her family had only one child, but that non-Party families regularly have multiple children simply by paying a "fine."

Her family owns several houses, and all are registered with the state. But most Chinese buy and sell houses without the government even knowing about it, bypassing the price ceilings they set to stop house price inflation.

My point is that in the People's Republic of China, the government officials are actually the only ones required to obey their stupid rules. When a government official is corrupt (above and beyond the normal corruption), they are executed.

We've got Kerry, Rangel, and Geithner not paying taxes. We've got Dodd getting sweetheart mortgages. We've got Maxine Waters using bank bailouts to help out her husband. Getting elected to Congress is practically a license to steal, and the worst punishment meted out is a tongue lashing.

I'd consider it a major achievement if we simply made Congress obey all their own laws. I'd like to see Nancy Pelosi waiting in a doctor's office next to a homeless bum.

BTW, consistent with the theme of your current post, I did some creative Photoshopping yesterday. I would have done more, but I got tired.