Saturday, January 07, 2012

A "Senior" Moment

There are good reasons that the late Samuel Francis designated the Republican Party as "The Stupid Party" and one of them is due to their proclivity toward nominating presidential candidates based on seniority within or favor with the party leadership. The video below is evidence that the suicidal policy continues.

This raises the question: would the nation be better or worse off had this old fool been elected in 2008? A tossup? Yeah!

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RegT said...

McCain is the reason I didn't vote in 2008. He is as bad as Barry Soetero, and it is my believe he threw the election because his agenda is identical to Soetero's.

Call me a tin-foil hat wearing fool, but I wonder if the NVA and their Chinese advisors didn't spend a little quality time with McCain when he was a POW.