Sunday, February 19, 2012

Through The Looking Glass

If any of you gentle readers has attended a course in either history, journalism or economics in the last two decades you have doubtless been encouraged to believe the following in order that you accept the expansion of the power of the state:
    1. "Higher taxes and more government spending will make us prosperous;"
    2. "taking naked x-ray photographs of everyone passing through airports is constitutional;"
    3. "the Constitution gives the president the right to bomb any country on the planet without consulting with anyone else, especially the Congress"
    4. "the founding fathers thought it would be a good idea to place everyone’s freedom in the hands of five government lawyers with lifetime tenure (i.e., clowns in gowns)"
    5. "healthcare socialism will cause health care costs to decline"
    6. "recessions and depressions are caused by sudden outbursts of greed and animal spirits" (according to John Maynard Keynes and revealed by Alan Greenspan)
    7. "capitalists get rich by selling people products that harm or even kill them"
Government schools inculcate these concepts as well as radical environmentalism into their captive audiences who often cannot even read or understand the completion certificates (diplomas) they are awarded.
Is it any wonder that governments will utilize any means to retain their monopoly on pedagogal indoctrination?

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