Monday, March 26, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen...

In the event you have not noticed it, we have finally arrived. Our fair land is for all intents and purposes a police state. For those of you who may not be convinced, I have graciously supplied the below video. View it and get back to us.

This is neither jest nor hyperbole. Your humble writer in a previous life (too long ago) earned his bread in a career which he understood categorized him as a "peace officer". During the course of that career he had occasion to supervise street cops who made arrests for a broad range of crimes; some serious and some not so serious. In those times if a deputy brought to jail an arrestee, that arrest was required to be approved by yours truly. On only one occasion over a period of 12 years as a supervisor did I need to disapprove an arrest made in the field.

If a deputy sheriff assigned to my supervision made an arrest as described in this situation he would not only have been the laughingstock of the Los Angeles County Lennox or Catalina Island Sheriff stations but be the subject of serious disciplinary action instituted by yours truly.

Alas, times have changed; and this old Greek is ashamed to reveal in most social contexts that he is a retired "law enforcement" officer.

Heaven help us!

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Pascal said...

Sad to say, but it appears I'll now have to come here to view your insights.