Sunday, February 24, 2013

Herr Doktor Goebbels; Call your Office

The hue and cry of the usual suspects whose agenda is to achieve the disarmament of the US citizenry subsequent to the Sandy Hook outrage is as predictable as it is disingenuous. Even those who should know better are contributing grist to the mill of the gun grabbers by accepting the premises of the government gun grabbers and their media enablers. This is evidenced by the following exchange between CNN's Piers Morgan and the neocon Ben Shapiro. You, dear readers will note at 2min 43sec into the below video that Mr Shapiro is suckered into accepting the questionable premise/narrative that an "assault" weapon was used by the shooter Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook massacre: This humble scribe has noted a lack of evidence that a so called "assault rifle" was in fact used by the shooter to accomplish his evil deed.
"It wasn’t reported until later that the police had discovered an AR-15 assault rifle in the trunk of the [shooters] car. This AR-15 was not used in the shooting, and police did not initially even know about its presence until conducting that further search."
To date, no videos have been released of the actual shooting event at Sandy Hook. These videos would settle finally the nature of the weapons utilized by the shooter. Nevertheless, no time was wasted by various government spokespersons and their media shills in clambering for a ban on firearms exhibiting scary cosmetic characteristics as well as capabilities of extended use between reloading requirements.


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