Thursday, December 07, 2017

Only the Left Can Have its Cake After Eating It

By Monica Showalter 

Νot only are the Alaska natives seeing too many [polar] bears proliferating, so are the scientists who study them. Professor Susan Crockford of the University of Victoria has observed the proliferation of bears and far from saying they are endangered, she concludes they "are not at risk" which of course got her attacked by ideological leftists and those for whom global warming is a religion.

The Financial Post of Canada's Terence Corcoran notes this [polar] bear issue and the left's shifting story on it is a magic talking point for global warmers who go after anyone who deviates from their party line:
It’s all part of an escalating epic of polar bear junk science. It begins with a paper in which Amstrup, who heads the activist group Polar Bears International, and other climate scientists — including famed temperature hockey-stick maker Michael Mann — produce what must be one of the most pathetic scientific smear jobs in the already sorry history of climate change science smear campaigns. Also along for the hatchet job was Stephan Lewandowsky, an Australian psychologist who asserts that people who have doubts about climate policy are wacky conspiracy theorists who would also tend to believe the 1969 moon landing was faked.
So instead of starving, global warming is now causing bears to proliferate. We are supposed to be upset about it no matter what the truth is. It just goes to show that global warmers just can't get their stories straight. And they want to have their bears and starve them, too.

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