Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Latest and Ongoing Inquisition

By Michael Rozeff

While not up to Stalin’s purges and show trials, it’s getting there in terms of being a total miscarriage of justice. It’s senseless for the Mueller gang to be calling in and interviewing everyone in the Trump gang that had anything to do with the campaign. What possible sense can be made out of all sorts of conversations attended by all sorts of people, who all are afraid now, who all could be hung out to dry now for trivial misstatements and who all have varied recollections of events? What sense can be made out of young and ambitious campaign workers falling all over themselves to look good and get close to the center of power in Trump? Many were and are clowns. On this the book “Fire and Fury” provides accurate insight.
The whole Russian collusion scenario has been a farce engineered by Trump opponents from day one. It has zero credibility. It’s all a politically-motivated witchhunt in the tradition of the worst dictatorial governments. It’s a charade parading around under the cover of a legitimate government process, which it is not. Sessions should have scotched this thing long, long ago; but he was looking out for his own skin. Comey and his FBI fellow gang members should be the ones under investigation as should Hillary Clinton. The whole affair illustrates just how bad the justice system is in this country. The Bundy affair is not an outlier.

As for money laundering through financing, I won’t believe anything that Mueller and his cronies come up with. The world is awash in banks, hedge funds, offshore accounts, investment managers and a myriad of ways to transfer money. Money itself is replaceable by its own type indefinitely through multiple holders, that is, it is fungible. A company cannot control the composition of all its ultimate lenders because funds can pass through so many hands. If Mueller attempts to prove money laundering of criminally-obtained gains or through entities that have been sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury, I won’t believe a word of it. That means I’m extremely skeptical.

What I do believe is that Trump ran a loose ship or ran no ship at all, and if that’s the way he runs his business empire, it being a family concern, almost anything is possible that can look bad.

I’m uninterested in defending Trump or any of his cohort in political terms, but no matter how reputable or disreputable, smart or stupid, tight-lipped or loose-mouthed, kempt or unkempt, any of them are, I do not think it’s at all right for Mueller to have the power to delve into every nook and cranny of their lives, conversations and activities in order to concoct or discover “crimes” that are really not crimes. The zeal of the Mueller gang reminds me too much of Robespierre’s prosecutor, Antoine-Quentin Fouquier-Tinville. “His zeal in prosecution earned him the nickname Purveyor to the Guillotine. His activity during this time earned him the reputation of one of the most sinister figures of the Revolution.”

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