Saturday, May 05, 2018

Cultural "Appropriation"

By Thomas DiLorenzo

The latest fad of the Western-culture-hating Marxists in academe, television, the media, etc., etc. is “cultural appropriation.”  Adopting or even imitating non-American cultures is a grave sin.  At least one university has even prohibited the wearing of sombreros on Cinco de Mayo Day (today) or calling it “Drinko de Mayo” (which would seem more appropriate and fitting, by the way).

OK.  In the name of egalitarianism, equality, all men are created equal, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, then neither should foreign-born people in the U.S. “appropriate” our culture.  Like speaking English, for example, or playing or watching American baseball, football, and basketball.  Not to mention NASCAR.  No listening to or playing jazz, Motown, Country, or Lynrd Skynrd music.  No reading novels by American authors or purchasing artwork by American artists.  Talk about appropriation!  Or even wearing clothing with American sports teams logos on it.

We also have a culture of capitalism that is more pervasive than all of the “Third World” countries that a lot of immigrants come from (which of course is why they are “Third World” economically).  So it stands to reason that only native-born Americans should be allowed to participate in American capitalism.  If you come from a country with a dictatorship and essentially no civil liberties (Venezuela, for instance), then of course you should never be allowed to appropriate our democracy by voting here, and you should not have any of our civil liberties, either.

This is just a very short list for starters.

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