Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ethnic Cleansing?

Not only is ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ a native of southern California but he has cruised the Mexican coasts extensively and resided in Mexico for just under 2 years. He additionally speaks spanish and is a law enforcement veteran of 3 East Los Angeles riots. He has often been struck by the cultural dissimularities between the characters seen on spanish language television and the people with which he has come in contact. Dick McDonald offers an explanation for this:
America may be suffering from illegal immigration but Mexico has been engaging in ethnic cleansing. As a native-born resident of Los Angeles I have always known our Mexican immigrants bear scant resemblance to the television performers on Spanish TV. Our immigrants are primarily of Mayan descent with Indian features. As the latter comprise a group of poorer Mexicans, it is clear and plainly stated that Mexico, in assisting the flight of their poor to the United States, is really engaging in ethnic cleansing. It is a win-win situation for the Castilians: they get to justify their despicable bigotry of ethnic cleansing while at the same time increasing the country's second largest revenue source; the money sent home to Mexico by their immigrants here in the United States. And we just thought it was a law & order, job-filling, cost benefit issue; hardly.

Mexican society is divided into at least 3 categories: Creollos, those of pure European (Spanish) heritage, Mestizos, who are a mixture of European/Indian and or negro background and Indios who are more or less pure Indian/Mayan/Aztec blood. Most of the mojados (wetbacks) in the U.S. are Mestizos.

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