Thursday, May 04, 2006

What Lies Ahead?

As a student of history and politics Leonidas has always asserted that WWII was fought by the U.S. for the wrong reasons. It took a surprise attack by a member of the Anticomintern pact for the necessary will to emerge to oppose the National Socialist hegemony in Europe that would have eventually threatened the very survival of our North American republic. With the failure of the European powers to nip German expansion in the bud upon the remilitarization of the Rhineland in 1936 encouraging the subsequent invasions of Czechoslovakia and Poland the handwriting was on the wall. It would have been easy to deal with the threat in 1936 or 1937, but the will was lacking and the National Socialists were allowed to strengthen.
The lack of will in facing the threat of militant Islam in the late 20th and early 21st century is an eery parallel. The only western power showing a hint of understanding the seriousness of the peril posed by fundamentalist Islam is the U.S. and even it is rent by partisan politics and an incipient fifth column of neo Marxists whose major agenda item is sapping the capability to even recognize the existence of a threat other than the Capitalist system. Couple this with the obsession of the major minority party with the regaining of power at any cost including the erosion of patriotism and the future is looking increasingly bleak.

CIA agent Mary McCarthy betrays her country and what does the media do? It accuses President Bush of being a hypocrite. The reporting of the particularly slimy Geoff Elliot of The Australian neatly encapsulated the leftist media’s hypocrisy and contempt for national security (CIA fires analyst for leaks on jails, 24 April 2006). Their justification for this barefaced lying is the phoney Plame affair. What Elliot omitted — and the left will omit anything that contradicts its ideological template — is that we now know that Plame was not a covert agent. Moreover, Novak has publicly announced that Fitzgerald has known for years who revealed Plame’s identity. And that, Mr Elliot, is why this Democrat is trying to nail Libby on a perjury charge concerning a crime that was never committed.

So why hasn’t the oily Mr Elliott reported any of this? Is it because the leaker is a Democrat? While he is cooking up his alibi Elliott might also try to explain why Libby, who leaked nothing, should be mercilessly hounded by thuggish Dems and their media goon squads while the vile Mary McCarthy who did considerable damage to US intelligence is treated as a hero?

With the transmogrification of the traditional "conservative" political party into "Neo Marxism Lite", Leonidas is beginning to understand the quote that mortal men are allowed "threescore and 10 years in this world". Leonidas has recently arrived at that mile stone and will continue to keep his powder dry.


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