Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Many apologies for the absence of nearly 3 weeks during the latest road trip of over 6500 miles. Road trips are always educational as well as boring while grinding out the miles. One lesson to be learned when planning ones route is to NEVER trust the Weather Channel. During one days journey through an area which the Weather Channel assured all and sundry was to experience torrential downpours as well as "golf ball sized hailstones" we were forced to activate the windshield wipers briefly on two occasions in order to clear the drizzle. Additionally, we considered purchasing tire chains before traversing the Monarch Pass (elevation 11,000+ feet) in Colorado after the Weather Channel predicted copious snowfall from a "severe" weather system. We encountered a brief light snow flurry at the summit which did not even require removal by the highway department. The Weather Channel focuses almost exclusively on the sensational and graphic depictions of weather events probably for two reasons: Firstly, to generate viewership in order to sell advertising which occupies nearly 50% of their air time and secondly to promote their apparently warmista agenda. It would probably be appropriate for the Weather Channel to be re-christened "Warmista TV".
In any event the trip deserves more reportage than is feasible while we catch up on the other everyday chores which were of necessity neglected during our absence. More anon.


Rose said...

Hey! Welcome back! I agree. The weather channel might as well be another fiction channel. The local feed is usually accurate, though, and almost the opposite, downplays any weather event.

Unknown said...

In the winter, I cease to be a gardener and become a snow removal guy.

If I relied on The Weather Channel for forecasts of when to prepare for storms, I'd be royally screwed. And they were less accurate this past year than the one before. If they use the same computer models to project weather in the 10 day forecast to project the 50 years 'Warming' pattern, well...