Saturday, March 29, 2008

Election Year

Just a few days ago your humble scribbler received an astonishing bit of "junk mail". On the trek from the mail box to the incoming bin via the trash container I noted a missive from the Internal Revenue Service emblazoned with words to the effect that the communication should not be thrown away as it contained notice of a "payment". As I annually receive and respond to a nasty letter from the IRS questioning why I have filed no tax return and threatening me with dire consequences, this bit of news tweaked the curiosity button. The last time I filed an income tax return was in 1981 shortly after retiring on a supposed "tax free" service connected disability due to a spinal injury suffered on the job. Since that time I have had no taxable income sufficient to trigger the filing requirement but each and every year I receive the identical threatening official letter which requires the tedious recital of the same hackneyed response.

The recent letter however, contained a filing form and the notification that the "government" has decided to engage in an economic "stimulus" by sending out "free" cash to the tune of $300.00 per qualifying individual. Let's see if I understand this correctly. We will all be paid $300.00 for producing absolutely no goods or services anyone would be willing to exchange legal tender for (except the paper shuffling government bureaucrats).

Wow! This boggles the mind. It is amazing to perceive the degree if economic ignorance rampant in a society subjected to government indoctrination education for several decades. It appears that while the schools have been drilling into the heads of their captive charges the necessity of recycling and hugging trees as well as writing to their legislators on the need to oppose the development of energy sources, absolutely NO economic basics have been discussed.

Meanwhile, the cost of energy sources which literally drive our lives are now verging on the prohibitive. Crude oil (reserves of which are proven but legally cannot be tapped) has now exceeded $105.00/barrel. One of the results of this of course is the run-up in the cost of motor fuel i.e. diesel, which has increased in price over $.50/gallon in the last 2 months.

The owners of the trucks which move virtually every item which we consume are being squeezed out of business. Recently, one long haul independent trucker hauling a 41,000 lb. load of freight from Florida to Quebec stopped in North Carolina to refill his fuel tanks at a cost of $960.00. In order to remain in business the ordinary citizen truckers must pass along these increased costs to the ultimate consumers. The alternative is of course, the disappearance of the products we need from the shelves with the result that the remaining items' prices are driven up beyond what those of modest means can pay. Duh!

What's that? Mail out more pieces of paper with dollar signs and numbers on them? Yeah, that'll fix it.


Anonymous said...

I have tried hard to find someone else that agrees with me that this "economic stimulus" is a piss-poor idea. Too many folks have dollar signs in their eyes blinding them from the inherent stupidity of the entire debacle. I guess it just goes to prove that "bread and circuses" is truly a good political tactic.

My issue with this thing is that they are handing out hard currency, which the person in receipt of can do with as he or she pleases, including NOT stimulate the economy by putting it in their savings account.

If that is the stated purpose, don't you think that they really ought to do something to make sure the money gets spent, therefore STIMULATING the economy?

It also occured to me that while they grandstand about "giving" us this money, most intelligent, productive people realize that this is only a paltry pennance compared to the money that they suck from us IN EVERY SINGLE PAYCHECK, much less per month or per year. If they really gave a quarter of a damn about the economy, they would be researching ways to reduce taxes as much as possible, instead of letting our most recent round of tax cuts LAPSE for lack of action.

Bread and circuses, my friends. Bread and circuses.

Anonymous said...

That said, at 28 years old with a mortgage, a family, a diesel pickup that guzzles 4.29 per gallon diesel at an alarming rate, and bills to pay, you can bet that my ideological disagreement with the entire thing won't keep me from cahsing the SOB and using the money.

I have decided that does not make me a hypocrite because it is just one more way to get some of what is essentially MY money back from them, that would give it away to someone or some cause with whom I disagree anyway (such as welfare for perfectly healthy citizens).


ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Goober: "...they are handing out hard currency..."
What is happening is that this crap is causing what used to be "hard currency" to become worthless scrip. One only needr to be aware of the situations in Germany 1922 and China 1936 to see where inflated currency leads. The Federal Reserve has been exacting a tax on the American people averaging 5% per annum since 1913 by inflating the currency and this is in ADDITION to the tax rates of Congress.

Anonymous said...


Very interesting way to look at it. I can't say that I disagree with what you are saying.

I want to preface by saying again that this is simply a "carrot and stick" insult, IMHO. THey take away 35% of my income, then "give" me back a paltry pennance and expect me to fawn over them like gods. However, if they are going to do this, then i want it to friggin WORK (or at least get as close to working as it can, I believe the entire idea is ill-fated), so my issue is as follows...

IF the following points are true:

1.) This is intended to stimulate the economy by way of "cash injection" (ie, people will SPEND the money);

2.) People choosing to NOT spend the money accomplish nothing for economic stimulus, thereby rendering the entire idea a fruitless waste of time;

Then why didn't they distribute this in the form of debit cards like they did for hurricane victims? The benefits ensure that the monies MUST be spent on goods and services, and the sunset date on the card ensures that the consumer will do so by a certain date, "X", and if the monies are not spent by X, then the card becomes worthless.

The best way to ensure that this ill-fated plan will actually work!

I know that Glen Beck also had this same idea, but that does not mean that I am copying him. THis was my first instinct int he whole bloody debacle.

Jeff Kelley said...

I wonder why "they" are trying to stimulate the economy? I suspect it is an attempt to prop up the economy a little longer so "they" can get out of office before economic collapse that can then be blamed on the next administration. This administration is a front group for thieves who have devastatingly raided the public coffers under the guise of war.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

If I'm not mistaken "they" (our congress critters a Democrat Majority) voted grudgingly for this abortion while pushing for even MORE.

Jeff Kelley said...

Congress is like Milly Vanilly: they are just lip syncing.

Rose said...

There are ads running on the radio here telling people who haven't filed to make sure they file this time because then they will get their "rebate" check.

Yet those who paid in aren't all getting a check, as I understand it. Sure as sh-t isn't what we elected Bush for.

Fred Mangels said...

Leonidas; You ok? Haven't heard from you in a while.