Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Fair and Balanced" Reporting?

As is usual during any instance of Israel responding to the acts of war against its citizens, the world's media present us with edited, scripted and often faked scenes of carnage and suffering by children and "innocent" Arab civilians. One would conclude from viewing the daily "outrages" committed in Gaza since 27 December that the Arab population of the terrorist enclave is on the verge of annihilation such is the one sided presentation of propaganda news served up by Arab stringers hired by AP and Reuters.

Apparently the Israelis have become fed up with the suppression of their side of the conflict and put up a web site in an attempt to air their version. The site contains at the time of this posting over 70 videos produced by the Israel Defense Force but is unlikely to influence a world public opinion predisposed by years of pro Arab propaganda to perceive any such action as unjustified.

The question remains as to how long YouTube will keep the videos available over the shrill protests of Arab and Islamic groups.



Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to somehow fabricate a war involving Israel and then see how long it took for UN attaches to begin calling for war crimes trials for the Israeli generals, for reuters to begin posting pictures of dead children, and for the world at large to begin condemning Israel. Then, I would spring the truth on them all, that a war never took place, and expose every one of them for the hateful anit-semites that they are.

It will never cease to amaze me how simple leftist thought is. The weaker of two sides in any war is always the good guy to them. They love their victims, and it doesn't fit their world view to see strong, mighty Israel as the victim here, wehnt hat is really the truth of the matter.

Rose said...