Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Mask Slips

By Thomas DiLorenzo

Totalitarian hell, with state control of all aspects of your life, from what you can eat and drink, how many children you may have, what you may say in public, who you must genuflect before (i.e., the “transgendered” and other mascots of the totalitarian Left), who you must employ in your business, where you can live,  how many months of the year you must work as a taxpaying slave in support of strangers, ad infinitum.  This is being revealed before our eyes with the frenetic and frenzied push to “do away with guns,” including a retired supreme court judge who writes in the NY Times that we should abolish the Second Amendment.  You know they have nothing but totalitarian hell in store for us (in their dreams for now) if they think that: 1) their schemes would motivate millions to join an armed rebellion; and 2) therefore, the public must be disarmed.

If this sounds familiar, then you must have learned a little about Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, and Stalin’s Russia at some point.  Or perhaps you are familiar with James Madison’s rationale for the Second Amendment in the first place–that an armed populace is a defense against tyranny.

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