Saturday, April 14, 2018

All Hail The EMPIRE!!

By Thomas DiLorenzo

I watched the press conference with “Mad Dog” Mattis at the Pentagon last night after the missile attacks on Syria.  He was not his usual cocky, swaggering, big-talking self, but seemed more like a frightened little poodle.  He read a statement off of a piece of paper, probably written by John Bolton and Paul Wolfowitz and edited by Douglas Feith.  It contradicted what he said just a day earlier about lobbing missiles at Syria.  When he was asked if he had proof of Syria being responsible for a “gas attack” he had absolutely nothing to say except that “I am confident” that such an event occurred.  He alluded to no evidence of any kind whatsoever because, of course, he has none.  If he did, he surely would be broadcasting it all over the world.

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