Saturday, April 28, 2018

Great News From Korea

By Michael Rozeff

Peace in Korea is clearly visible now.

If there is any justice, history is going to look kindly upon Moon Jae-in of South Korea and Kim Jong-un of North Korea, plus all those who participated in the negotiations.

Donald Trump has surely played a part too. He should get a deserved boost from this. His position volatility, bobbing and weaving like a boxer in order to unsettle the opposition and ready a knockout blow, is such that we never quite know what he’s aiming for or where he stands. In time all will be revealed. At the moment, we have to hope that he uses the boost wisely and draws lessons from an appropriate understanding of how this peace has come about. One lesson is that John Bolton could not have been more wrong about North Korea.

The details of how and why this remarkable event has transpired are unknown at present. It’s up to reporters to inform us and the Nobel people. It appears that the man who took a very big step forward and took the initiative was Moon Jae-in last July. See here.

We’ve had so few victories for peace to celebrate in a long time that this one stands out as something that could turn the entire world around, maybe even mitigating the existing fear and hostility in this country toward Iran. Maybe the peace movement in Israel will make more headway too.

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