Sunday, July 13, 2008

Copyright Stuff?

This humble writer is hesitant to enter into a copyright fray but the related example has raised his hackles sufficiently to generate the following exception:

As a California libertarian refugee and former resident of Humboldt County, California I have occasion to frequent several of the local blogs there. One said blog is Fred's Humboldt Blog.

Fred posts almost daily and on Saturday 12 July one of his postings, as is typical of Fred, was a light hearted posting on the election process in a rural community in North Dakota. The post was copied from a subscription-generated service to which I shall not link in Colorado. The post was in block quotes and linked by Fred.

The resulting response by the original author identified as "This is True" in the comments simply boggles the mind.

While the posting was a technical violation of the copy right law, Fred neither claimed authorship nor profited monitarily from it. Indeed, the posting would be construed by any sentient reader as a recommendation.

I am forced to conclude that the original author of the essay is either mentally challenged or a serious liberophobe. Unfortunately, he seems to enjoy a wider readership.

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Rose said...

Wow@!&*%^$!!! That guy is a jerk, and a stupid one at that - obviously he does not understand that being quoted and linked to is better than advertising, it brings you in traffic, and new readers. Some may even come back and become regulars and even friends.

I thought your response was on the money.

Rose said...

Seems to enjoy a wider readership may be the operative word. I just looked around there and the guy isn't all that funny. But he is pretty high on himself, and he does have the thing set to run Ads by Google.

Which means any traffic Fred sent his way was a potential money maker for him. Traffic boosting is the name of the game, and the more people who quote and link to you the better. LInks, for one thing, boost you visibility in the web-spider's eyes.

There was one funny thing, though, downright hilarious actually - his comments instrcutions> Post a Comment
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Must be a lib.