Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pointyheaded "Logic"?

This just in from one of those attempting to make sense of the Reid/Pelosi (Democratic party's) talking point that assures us that "We can't drill our way out of this fuel crisis":

Picture if you will, an attempt to address the problem of a food shortage in the nation by those advocating the planting of more crops:
"Plant, plant, plant"

World of Unwarranted Opinion Service
From the Woodpile Report

News that fell through the time warp:

"Plans to put in crops next year have been abandoned because food is scarce now," a Dept. of Agriculture spokesman said. "This is one problem we can't plant our way out of." She pointed to promising initiatives like stomach-staples, phasing out food-guzzling bipeds and switching to alternative sources of calories such as wood chips, termites and recycled street sweepings. "Tragically," she added, "death by starvation hits the poor and minorities the hardest."

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Rose said...

Very funny! Good points and good analogy. This needs to see the national light of day!