Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm From the (Somali) Government and am Here to Help

Several leftist/racist spokespersons and Al Sharpton (redundancy alert) have suggested that the Somali pirates should to be considered "voluntary coast guard" due to the practice of shipping companies "dumping toxic waste in Somali coastal waters " in the absence of a functioning central government in that "country". This assertion is posited in the absence of ANY empirical evidence for such preposterous allegations.

Interviews with actual pirates affirm that their motives are however strictly pecuniary. Also, when viewing the Canadian produced video linked above, bear in mind that due to ocean current patterns in the Indian Ocean, any piece of flotsam finding its way into the sea in any area west of Sumatra has a good chance of finding its way onto the beaches of East Africa including Puntland and Southern Somalia.

Such logic is however unlikely to intrude on the fantasy world of the latter day leftists and racists whose object is to condemn any and all activities associated with Western culture.


Anonymous said...

Why would the mob take the cost of sailing to the shores of Somalia to dump poison and radiak waste. The Napoli dump is controlled/owned by them - it is much cheaper at home!

Anonymous said...

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