Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Coming to a Community Near You?"

Item in Atlanta Journal & Constitution
Sunday 20 April 2014 Press Release Atlanta Field Office Federal Bureau of Investigation

Yesterday 4 Deputy US Marshals were detailed to serve an arrest warrant on Philip Gordon 63 of Carroll County in west Georgia. Mr Gordon refused to allow the Marshals entrance to his gated property whereupon the gate was breached using necessary force. During the process Mr Gordon's 2 Labrador retrievers charged the federal agents and were dispatched. Mr Gordon refused to submit to arrest and brandished an assault rifle accusing the Marshals of trespassing before retreating into his home. The Marshals summoned backup from the local Carroll County Sheriff's office and two of the 6 responding deputies refused to cooperate in serving the lawful warrant. They were immediately relieved of duty. Additional backup from agents in the Atlanta field offices of the FBI and BATFE surrounded the Gordon residence. Repeated demands for Gordon to surrender went unheeded and chemical agents were introduced into the structure. An hour later an unconscious  Gordon was taken into custody and booked into the Fulton county jail on the warrant charging refusal to pay the $15,000.00 penalty for failure to maintain a government approved medical insurance policy.

Something to ponder: What will be your reaction dear reader, when you read the above news item?



sofa said...

Would they start with one or two high profile cases, where they could easily kipnap their victim?

Or would they try 200 nationwide, to strike fear onto others?

Surely they will - Just not sure how they start. Very sure that they will be surprised at how the people are galvanized by intolerable acts.

sofa said...

In 1938 the gov't started with a few high profile cases, using force to subjugate undesireables.
There was some pushback and someone 'just following orders' was assisinated.
Then Nov9-10 was the nationwide cleanup remembered as Kristallnacht.

Maybe that's the template their working from. It seems a very plausible progression for today.

Ann-Marie said...

They jails will probably be overflowing.

Wollf Howlsatmoon said...

I think Dear Friend that the answer is "ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ"....some thing I have heard "somewhere" before.

I might well lose......but Freedom ain't free, now is it?

nanook said...

And if that appears in the Atlanta Journal, you can expect a piece on the editorial page in full support of the arrest.