Sunday, November 08, 2009

None Dare Call it Treason

It is now the fourth day since the Ft. Hood shooting incident and additional data are released daily. Missing from the releases on the investigators' efforts is a "possible motive" for the rampage. Are we to consider (hyperbole alert) that a "possible motive" for Major Hasan's action was to collect on the life insurance policies of as many military personnel as possible? Or was it that this "officer and gentleman" concluded that he could avoid being deployed to a combat zone by utilizing his colleagues for target training?

Major Hasan is a first generation natural born citizen of the U.S. and a lifelong practitioner of the "peaceful religion" of Islam. Surviving witnesses of the shooting spree report hearing him shout "allahu akbar" before going about the business of fulfilling his duty to eliminate as many infidels enemy combatants as possible.

According to another source Hasan had attempted to locate (unsuccessfully) a suitable female muslim to marry. Perhaps due to that failure he opted to go for the 72 virgins. We can only speculate however, how long it will be until he is able to consummate those 72 liaisons.

We here in the West have become so inured to the routine viciousness of murderous jihadis that this outrage is mistakenly referred to as "terrorism". Nothing could be further from the truth. This event is a classic example of treason. The casualties were almost all sworn military personnel and on a military installation. Major Hasan is therefore guilty of waging war on the United States. The Constitution defines treason in Article III section 3: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only of levying war against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort...." Come to think of it; he will doubtless qualify as a one up candidate for membership in the Jane Fonda patriotic society.

Nevertheless we all know don't we, (wink wink) that the political doctrine masquerading as a religion had absolutely nothing to do with this outrage.  


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Goober said...

I liked the article I read from the Times that basically stated that the REAL victims of this crime are all of the Muslims in America that are now going to have to endure the racial discrimination and suspicion of the American People now that this has happened.

Yeah, the REAL victims get suspicious glares and told that their type "ain't welcome 'round these parts."

As opposed to the NOT REAL victims who only got shot. To death.

I cannot help but shake my head at a people so marinated in the culture of non-offensive multiculturalism that they cannot even identify when another culture is actually coming for their heads, out of fear of being offensive to that same culture.

Now, for the disclaimers. No, Goober is not of the belief that all Muslims are bad. Just the bad ones. Which seem to be more and more difficult to identify because of taqya. So he doesn't blame anyone for being suspicous of Muslims, but think that narrowing suspicions to one religious or ethnic group is awfully narrow-minded - there are bad people everywhere, and it doesn't matter if they are killing you for Allah or because you came upon them int he middle of a drug deal, they are still killing you. So Goober has decided to keep himself in a high-functioning state of suspicious alertness at all times, regardless of color, religion, or all that other protected class mumbo-jumbo.

And God bless that woman who took him down. She got shot several times int eh process, but still squared up, took aim, and dropped the bastard where he stood in spite of it all. Too bad that the Congressional Medal of Freedom doesn't go to people who really deserve it anymore, ebcause she would be a shoe-in otherwise.