Saturday, November 25, 2017

¡YA BASTA! Enough Already!

The glorification of the military has grown to new heights in the last year as the Deep State pays major league sports teams to honor and pay tribute to war mongering. There isn’t a country on earth who is truly a threat to our peace and well being, but we spend a trillion dollars per year sowing discontent and chaos around the globe so we can keep our troops and navies occupied killing and bombing people as the profits flow to the military industrial complex. The soldiers being glorified on the local news, on TV dramas, movies, in feel good mainstream media stories, and at local sporting events are nothing but dupes and cannon fodder for the Deep State.

We are being played by the Deep State oligarchs as their raping and pillaging financial scheme reaches its limits and they attempt to convince us going to war against Iran, North Korea, Russia, or China is absolutely necessary to maintain our democracy and liberty. It’s nothing but bullshit. And a growing number of critical thinking people know its bullshit. We will not be sold another false bill of goods. The fetid pustules disguised as the leadership of this country can’t fool us again.

There will be no bank bailouts this time. There will be no $800 billion pork laden “stimulus plans”. The Federal Reserve will not get away with dropping dollars from helicopters on Wall Street while screwing old ladies on Main Street. They will not convince us Russian, Chinese, Iranian or North Korean people are my enemy. Their next war will be a civil war if they attempt to enlist our youth as cannon fodder for their globalization empire plans.

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