Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Considerable "Cheek" of Felipe Calderón

Just when one believes he has seen and heard it "all", along comes the reality of post modern political hackery to resurrect with all seriousness the ancient practice of betraying the gates of the city to the besieging enemy for the fleeting advantage of political gain.

On 20 May just passed, the president of Mexico addressed the US Congress.  The purpose of his speech appears to have been that of creating momentum for passage of "comprehensive" reform of US immigration law. Not content with the non enforcement of existing law, the operatives of the "lying" party  are complicit in the recruitment of lying heads of foreign states to assist them in augmenting the ranks of collectivist voters.

In his speech, Sr. Calderón refers to Mexico's "loss" due to the emigration from his country of the "brightest and hardest working" members of Mexican society. Apropos the subject, your humble corespondent has just returned from his most recent transcontinental road trip. During that trip he was regaled with considerable anecdotal evidence to the contrary. One member of Leonidas' extended family has been employed for several years as an on call emergency room nurse at a Phoenix area hospital. During those years her income has approached $250,000.00 per year as she is a highly trained and experienced professional called upon to work many hours per week. Since enactment and actual enforcement of the Arizona law which incidentally mirrors the wording of long existing federal legislation, she is only occasionally called to assist in the treatment of true traumas as opposed to the formerly routine incidents of sniffles, sore throats and bruises attributed to the minor domestic squabbles of the "bandilito" (wetback) population in the Phoenix area. Word has apparently spread through the bandilito community that after their "free" treatment at the local trauma center a bus ride to the Nogales port of entry awaits them.

Sr. Calderón's assertion that his government is seeking ways to retain the "brightest and best" members of his society is risible to anyone such as this blogster who has resided in Mexico and experienced the pervasive corruption at all levels of government.  On one occasion, Leonidas was required to not only perform the detective work for the local police in Acapulco to recover his property stolen by a local shopkeeper, but to supply cash to "purchase fuel" for the police vehicle that was used in the investigation. This is reported with all due respect to Fred Reed  who happens to be a LEGAL gringo resident of Mexico.

Interestingly enough, Leonidas' recent road trip included a fuel stop in Hollister, California. The entire visible population of that city appeared to consist of bandilitos. The only non bandilitos in evidence were SOME of the motorists entering and exiting the city. The clerk at the fuel stop spoke no understandable English and was so flustered by an obvious gringo addressing him in proper Spanish that he was rendered virtually speechless. This incident only lends credence to the aphorism that most of the bandilito population are "illiterate in two languages".