Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Evolution of Our Prison Nation

One of the most coveted items of contraband in the various facilities of incarceration across the fruited plain is the cell phone; and for valid reasons. The ability to engage in and coordinate criminal activity is one of the very legitimate reasons for categorizing these communication/recording devices as prohibited items in detention facilities such as jails, prisons, government schools and in at least one recent incident a TSA cubicle at the Nashville, TN airport. At 1:30 into the video you will learn how cell phone use is viewed by the TSA.

We Americans are becoming inured to being monitored, video recorded and photographed by our rulers in virtually any public and many private venues. Such routine practices should not however, lead ordinary citizens to conclude that they have license to engage in such surveillance of leviathan's agents while they are engaged in "keeping us safe". One such event resulted in the suspension of a middle school 9th grade student in Tulsa, OK. It seems the cell phone photo of a substitute teacher asleep in class was discovered posted on the web. A youth indoctrination facility school official stated the "...student was suspended because they’re not allowed to use cell phones on campus". There is no word as yet explaining how the cell phone slipped by the alert guard school employee monitoring the metal detector at the entrance to the facility. It becomes increasingly clear that the real reason for the government schools has become not to educate but to condition the population to servile reactions to tyrannical government acts.

Outside these "facilities" and even though the courts have upheld a mundane's right to do so, you will likely be charged with either "disorderly conduct" or "interfering with a police officer" for undertaking to record in public these minions of the state as they go about "making the state us safe".

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Whether or not one is a fan of Newt, this exchange probably won him the South Carolina Republican primary.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Will NOT End Well

The European financial system explained in less than 3 minutes

Is "Electable" The Stupid Party's Nominating Criteria?

By Mark Crivelli and stolen with permission from Here

Republicans sure have short memories. It was just four years ago that they went to the polls in the primaries and elected the most "moderate" and "electable" candidate they could find in the hope that they had a man who was palatable to the general population. Their reward for their unprincipled pragmatism was an ass-kicking in the general election that few Americans will ever forget. John McCain and Sarah Palin certainly won’t forget it.
Four years later, having learned absolutely nothing from the election of 2008, Republican voters are once again lining up behind the most moderate and supposedly "electable" candidate that they can find in the pragmatic hope that they can beat Obama in the general election. They have become so unprincipled and pragmatic, in fact, that they are lining up behind the very man who brought European-style socialized medicine to our fair shores, simply because they have been told that he is more "electable" than anyone else in the field. How they can expect an outcome that’s better than four years ago is difficult to fathom, unless they think that their new moderate’s plastic hair can compensate for his obvious blandness.
In one respect, moreover, the selection of this particular "moderate" is even more ridiculous than the selection of the kooky moderate four years ago. This guy came in second place in the primaries to the "moderate" who got his ass handed to him in the general election. Think about that for a minute. This guy was moderate enough to come in second in the primaries two years ago, when the Republicans first decided to eschew principle and select a moderate, and yet he was deemed less "electable" than the guy who lost so badly.
In other words, if the more "electable" moderate got his ass kicked four years ago, how badly is the second-place moderate going to do this time around?
Here’s a novel idea for Republicans: Vote based upon principle, not based upon whatever the bobble-headed morons in the media establishment say is strategically expedient. Your strategic pragmatism got you nowhere four years ago. Young people and independents in this country are not any more impressed with bland flip-floppers from Massachusetts than they are impressed with nut-job moderates from Arizona. These guys don’t even impress Republicans themselves. If they want a "moderate" who stands for war and socialized medicine, they might as well stick with the moderate, warmongering socialist they already have.
How about nominating someone who has a record of standing up for individual liberty for once? How about nominating someone who believes in the Constitution for once? How about nominating someone who opposes liberal nation-building and warmongering for once? How about voting for a real capitalist for once?
In other words, how about voting based upon your own damn principles for once, instead of voting like pragmatic Trotskyites taking strategic orders from the political-media establishment? Forget this ridiculous, immoral and futile idea of "electability" and vote for Ron Paul and the principles of your own party.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

A Clever Analogy

Our national debt, the legal limit on which was raised with much feigned gnashing of teeth a mere 6 months ago now exceeds the GDP and will reach the "current" limit later this year. Of course, the collectivist economic philosophy of John Maynard Keynes which has driven the nation's fiscal and monetary policies for the last 75+ years avers that the economic laws which govern individuals, families and corporations do not apply to the federal leviathan. This attitude doubtless drives the actions in which the government engages and for which it would incarcerate or murder ordinary citizens i.e. printing money out of thin air and expecting no negative consequences.

This Keynsian hypothesis is of course based on a similar concept to the warmista religion and the collectivists including most of the current crop of aspirants to the presidency subscribe. Great is the legislative power of governments but the repeal of natural law is not within their purview. Attempts to engage in such fatuous projects inevitably result in human suffering.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

A "Senior" Moment

There are good reasons that the late Samuel Francis designated the Republican Party as "The Stupid Party" and one of them is due to their proclivity toward nominating presidential candidates based on seniority within or favor with the party leadership. The video below is evidence that the suicidal policy continues.

This raises the question: would the nation be better or worse off had this old fool been elected in 2008? A tossup? Yeah!