Saturday, September 25, 2010

King Canute, Call Your Treasurer!

Recently, a bill introduced in the lower chamber of the US Congress died a quiet death in the House Committee on Financial Services. The Bill (HR 1207) boasted 315 co-sponsors and would have ordered an audit of the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States. Had the bill become law, the heretofore secret operations of the central bank would stand revealed as the most colossal financial/economic scam in recorded history. The "rationale" offered up as a justification for scotching the audit proposed by HR 1207 was: "the need to isolate political considerations from the determination of monetary policy." I will pause here to allow the laughter of my esteemed readers to subside.

Since implementation of the Federal Reserve Act in December of 1913 the United States dollar has lost 97% of its purchasing power. In other words, items (utilizing adjusted/comparable costs of production) selling today for $1.00 were regularly traded at 3 cents in 1913. Considered from another perspective, a good quality man's suit could be purchased in 1913 for one troy ounce of gold valued at $20.00. A comparable quality suit would sell today for approximately $1,297.00 which just happens to be the value of 1 troy ounce of the yellow metal.

The preamble to the Federal Reserve Act reads as follows:
"An Act To provide for the establishment of Federal reserve banks, to furnish an elastic currency, to afford means of rediscounting commercial paper, to establish a more effective supervision of banking in the United States, and for other purposes."

The author of HR 1207, Dr. Ron Paul (R Texas 14) intends to introduce legislation in the 112th Congress during 2011 requiring an audit of the gold allegedly  owned by the US government and secured in depositories at Ft. Knox, Kentucky and the New York Federal Reserve vault at 33 Liberty street New York, NY. It is anticipated that the opposition to such legislation will consist of the self same opponents as those who killed HR 1207. An important argument of our rulers will however be undercut, and that is the separation of politics and monetary policy to wit: the gold is either in the depositories and owned by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve or it is not.

Such an audit will in the opinion of this writer reveal that either a) the gold seized/stolen from the American people in 1933 is still secured where the government assures us that it is, or b) it has been sold, leased or transferred to the London gold depository.

The desperation of our elite rulers to control the monetary policies engendered by their insistence on the acceptance of fiat paper currency whose printing presses they control is beginning to be revealed to the nation's booboisie. When such knowledge becomes widespread the game will be up and the result will not be pleasant to behold.

There are valid reasons why precious metals have evolved as media of exchange lo these many millennia. The chief reason being the inability of political elites to "print gold" not withstanding the "clipping" of coins by Roman emperors and the issuance of "Federal Reserve Notes" by our current elite.

The tide of history is rising and cannot be stemmed by the current elite in Washington and New York.  

Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Open Letter!

In keeping with the theme generated by the esteemed Curmudgeon Emeritus here, this humble blogster will add his own contribution to the refrain entitled "why didn't I write that?".

The following is an open letter to general David Petraeus published by Chuck Prime here. To one and all: Please steal this and repost it!
OPEN LETTER TO GEN. PETRAEUS (Please re-post to anti-jihad sites)

“Were the actual burning to take place, the safety of our soldiers and civilians would be put in jeopardy and accomplishment of the mission would be made more difficult.”
– Gen. David Petraeus
General, I ask you this: what in hell is your “mission” if We The People jeopardize it by exercising our First Amendment rights in our own homeland? Is your “mission” to defend our rights against foreign enemies, or to defend foreign enemies against our rights?
You made your choice, and you justified by claiming that you and those under your command have been taken hostage by our 7th Century terrorist enemy, and that the ransom demand you deliver to us is that we submit to your captor’s restrictions on our natural and constitutional rights – or they’ll kill you.
I remind you and your captors that we do not negotiate with terrorists.
And I remind you that you are the most revered general in the present day, commanding in the most powerful military in all of history, during the most justifiable war in the last seventy years. So please either remember your priorities and slaughter your captors, or resign in disgrace so that we may replace you with a warrior. And if you resign, you should do so right along with President Obama, Gen. Caldwell, Pentagon Spokesman Lapan, Sec. of State Clinton, Atty. Gen. Holder, NATO Sec. Rasmussen and all others in all branches of government and in all alliances who echoed your request, whether they did so mindlessly or with surrender aforethought.
To have our own military leaders beg us to refrain from exercising our Constitutional rights on our own soil is completely un-American. And to have you make that request of us in the name of cowardice is a shocking and unthinkable perversion I still don’t have the words for.
But I do have the plan for it. We The People will force the issue right here and now. We don’t want harm to come to our military, but if peacefully exercising our rightful freedom on our own property here in our own homeland endangers you, then we will endanger you!
We will burn the Koran for freedom and post the videos for all the world to see. We can be overt or covert, named or anonymous, sparse or numerous – but ultimately we will be unstoppable, and eventually we will be effective.
We will do this because you have no fucking right to sell our freedom down the river for the sake of our enemy’s sensitivity. We will do it because you more than have the power to defend yourselves against that enemy if only you would use it. We will do it because facing danger to defend our rightful freedom is why we pay you, train you, equip you, promote you, appoint you, deploy you, and – formerly! – revere you.
You work for us, General, not for our enemy. Therefore we will regain control over you and over this war from the command center of our own backyards. We will force you to end any of your appeasement and nation-building which would restrict our Constitutional rights. We will force you to defend yourselves and us, and to do the job you were appointed to do: destroy the enemy in defense of our freedom.
Our military has the power. We hired you to use it. Now we’ll make sure you do.
When Americans can burn our own copies of the Koran on our own soil without credible threats from jihadists or appeasement of those threats from our President and our Generals, then we will gladly stop burning them.
We are a free people, and although we clearly live in occupied territory psychologically, we do not yet live in occupied territory legally or physically. We will do as we please, and we will continue to expect all branches of our government to secure our right to do it.
I remind you that securing our rights is the only legitimate reason that governments are instituted among men in the first place, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
And not everybody among the governed consents to surrendering our rights to terrorists.
Freedom for all,