Monday, December 24, 2012

A Third Opinion

Most of our "leaders" clamoring for more "gun control" in the wake of the recent outrage in Connecticut are doing so for the cynical advancement of a political agenda i.e. the disarmament of the law abiding citizenry.  For those useful idiots who are joining in the blood dance this humble writer would hasten to direct attention to an essay by Carl Denninger excerpted briefly here:
 [W]e have intentionally removed from our consciousness all of the ugly that inherently comes with killing.  And at the same time we have removed our understanding and respect for the fierce desire of that which is alive to remain alive.

We are now so depraved that we have calls in the media and political offices to cower in the corner and die when under lethal assault rather than assert our right to life and do whatever we're able, with whatever tools we can muster, to stop that assault.  We nod our heads instead of erecting the middle finger at all who suggest such rabid stupidity.

We talk about "gun control" as if that will stop killing.  It will not.  It will simply allow more killing to take place. Consider that if deer knew how to use rifles we would probably not hunt them.  They know their piece of forest better than we do.  We go into the forest for a few weeks to scout and then to shoot.  They live there all year.  Who's going to ambush who if they had rifles as well?...The coyote does not attack the lion, no matter how hungry he is, because he knows he will lose.  He instead looks for something without those sharp teeth and claws, even if he is ravenously hungry.

In short, we would not hunt deer if they could use a rifle to defend themselves from us.

And sickos would not hunt us if they believed we were armed -- whether we actually are or not.

Now you have something new to think about.
I suggest you read the whole thing.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012