Monday, January 09, 2006

Another prediction

On 17 February (next week) audio tapes which have been found in Iraq will be released to the public which purport to refer to Saddam Hussein's alledged weapons programs.

The audiotapes, which had apparently been overlooked, were found in a warehouse along with many other untranslated Iraqi intelligence files. These tapes are extremely significant, since they may be the best evidence yet of Saddam's secret intentions concerning weapons of mass destruction.

Before 9/11, many intelligence experts were convinced that a very strong and important Iraqi WMD connection existed, only to change their minds when no concrete evidence of that connection could be uncovered in the three years following the beginning of Iraqi war.

Because of the considerable historical importance of this stunning recent development, the contractor who obtained and reviewed these tapes plans to release them to the public on February 17, 2006...

After his presentation, a panel of intelligence experts will discuss the ways in which experts may verify the fact that Hussein in fact recorded these audiotapes. These procedures include utilization of voiceprint analysis and other technical means of voice verification.

Further information about The Intelligence Summits may be found on its website:

Leonidas predicts that depending on ones war view template, this evidence will either be: a) ignored by the media or b) dismissed as fabrications even though the technology exists to determine their authenticity.

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