Friday, January 20, 2006

Be Very Afraid

During the “confirmation hearings” ( senate dog and pony shows would be more accurate) for recent nominees to the supreme court, some disturbing realities have become evident. We're being told two very troubling things:

First, Supreme Court decisions are the absolute law of the land, equal in weight to the text of the Constitution itself. Supreme Court precedents should never be changed, and all nominees to the Court must accept them as settled law or be disqualified.

Second, if the American people don't like any of the "laws" created by the Supreme Court, they have no choice but to live with them unless by some miracle the Court later overturns itself. The people have no recourse through Congress to address unpopular Court decisions.

Our federal courts, like the rest of our federal government, have become far too powerful. When federal judges impose their preferred policies on the American people, the ability of average citizens to influence the laws under which they must live diminishes. This is why every American should read or reread the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. Only when we understand the proper role of the judiciary in our federal system will we stop viewing judges as purveyors of social, political, and economic rules for our nation.

Several years ago after the Oklahoma city bombing incident a briefing of local law enforcement agencies by the FBI on potential “domestic terrorists” included a profile of likely “terrorists” encountered during routine traffic enforcement. Among the items included were: “possession of copies of the U.S. Constitution and libertarian bumper stickers as well as National Rifle Association decals". We must not, however profile members of “Allah’s religion of peace”. Last Monday all who entered the Atlanta, GA Aquarium were subjected to metal scanners, including Leonidas’ 3 year old grand daughter. Be very afraid.


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