Friday, January 13, 2006


Leonidas has not been closely following the ongoing circus called the "senate confirmation hearings" so when he initially encountered the below referenced exchange he chuckled and thought it to be a parody. Alas, it is aparently NOT parody: Biden v Alito -- the abridged Senate Confirmation Hearing questioning, 3

Biden: “With all due respect, Judge, please don’t dodge the question. Will you or will you not allow hillbillies to take control of a woman’s uterus by removing it from her body and using it as a kind of mini-accesorized rucksack? A simple yes or no will do, sir!”

It may be time to rethink Claire Wolf's other work: "It's Not Time to Shoot the Bastards...Yet".


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Arlen said...

Biden is definitely an idiot, although not nearly as caustic and foolish as Durbin and Kennedy in my opinion.