Sunday, January 29, 2006

Suspected Greyhound Therapy Confirmed

(San Francisco) City officials created a program last year to give homeless people [bums] one-way bus tickets out of town. Thus far, more than 960 homeless have left San Francisco under the program, Homeward Bound.

Apparently, San Francisco is passing the buck or officials have been deluded into thinking that derelicts become valuable contributors to society after being dumped in a new location. Either way, the program is merely a conveyer out of town. San Francisco's homeless problems are just being farmed out to other locations with the hope that somebody else [city of Arcata?] accepts responsibility. The program has been called Greyhound Therapy. Unfortunately, there have been complaints.


"City [of San Francisco] welfare officials have agreed to stop sending homeless people to Humboldt County without notifying their counterparts in the far northern county.

The agreement reached Friday resolves a dispute that began after Humboldt County officials learned that San Francisco had sent at least 13 homeless people north on one-way bus tickets over the past year.

San Francisco officials said they will start informing Humboldt officials whenever homeless people are sent over its borders through the city's Homeward Bound program. They will also verify beforehand that the person is actually from Humboldt, [yeah right] located about 200 miles north along the coast."

Shipping vagrants out of town is nothing new. Communities have been doing it for ages. And, it's much better for San Francisco's taxpayers than the previous program which paid every vagrant and attracted newcomers.

I'm hoping that San Francisco gets into a homeless dumping duel with another city [Arcata, California]. Imagine the fun.

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