Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Circling the Bowl in South America

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's soon to be president for life is in the process of adopting the big city machine politics of Chicago and Kansas City. Auditors from the Costa Rica-based Electoral Consulting and Promotion Center analyzed samples of thousands of voters last year to reach their conclusions, officials said. The center is part of the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights and functions as an association of electoral agencies in Latin America.
54,900 dead voters are on the Venezuelan voting rolls, and about 39,400 others whose deaths have yet to be confirmed but are listed as being older than 100. These "voters" are mostly residents of the "ranchitos" (the slums on the hillsides of Caracas and Puerto La Cruz) The Chavez government has recently purchased several hundred thousand AK-47 automatic rifles for distribution to the People's Militias. Meanwhile large numbers of Venezuelan middle class are fleeing to Colombia and Brazil. This is sad as Venezuela was a prosperous and charming country.

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Wadical said...

Let me guess. That's about 94,300 dead votes for Chavez, right? Not a bad little cushion.