Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hitler Was a "Progressive"

Christian Hartsock, writing in ChronWatch uses an interesting word to describe collectivists. He uses a term coined by Bruce Walker, author of “Sinisterism: Religion of the Lie". The word sinister comes from the Latin word for left. Referring to what Leonidas calls “collectivists”, he includes liberals, progressives, socialists, fascists and Marxists as epitomized by such luminaries as Hitler, Lenin, Mussolini, Franco, Mao and Peron.

In my humble opinion, Sinisterism has been the central governing element of Nazis, Soviets, fascist dictators, militant secularists, radical liberals, and the pathetic lowlifes at the ACLU. Their collectively shared hatred for God, Christianity, moral values, and the value of human life instills in them a spirit of Sinisterism. Contemporary liberals have sought to eliminate acknowledgment of the prevalence of Sinisterism by coming up with labels to equate Nazism with fascism, Christianity and conservatism and liberalism with liberty and liberation. But as Walker writes, “The term ‘liberal’ has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with coercion.”
Furthermore, Walker effectively deconstructs the semantic stigmas deceptively conjured up by liberals to euphemize their inherent evil. As he writes: “The reality is that Sinisterists sometimes call themselves ‘socialists’ or ‘liberals’ or ‘progressives,’ and that they sometimes call themselves ‘Marxists’ or ‘Trotskyites’ or ‘revolutionaries,’ or that they also sometimes call themselves ‘fascists’ or ‘national socialists’ or ‘Phallangists’ but they are all sibling Sinisterists.”
When liberals are not trying to pass Nazism off as “fascism,” they are attempting to pass it off as an extreme form of “conservatism” and an inexorable byproduct of Christianity. In 2003, on his show ''Scarborough Country,'' former congressman and current MSNBC personality Joe Scarborough shed light on a college textbook that grouped Rush Limbaugh and Ronald Reagan with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini as “conservatives.” Now how exactly could Hitler, a vegetarian who was a strong supporter of social welfare programs, gun control, animal rights, government funding for the arts, and bans against smoking in public get away with being called a “conservative”?


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Lawrence Steffens said...

I can't believe it took 6 years for someone to agree. Hitler was spawmed in the Progresive Era, he was the worlds Top Progressive. Eugenics and Population Control were the new Progressive ideas (very popular in the US) Margaret Sanger legitimized population control and Hitler took the ball from there...

"From Margaret Sanger's "Dream Journal"
[Tucson, Ariz.]
Feb 3rd 1942.

Last night I dreamed of Hitler–- Saw him in a room so close that I could see his eyes wink. Dream not very clear at 3 Am. just awoke–- But house I was in with others raided by Nazis. I hid under a table with others but one womans leg was discovered then we all were brought forth. Hitler came in to execute war plans & operations using this house as his base. A bird flew into the room from the window & lighted near me-– It was white & a dove-– Hitler caught it held it up high over my head & told me to pick out a feather–-I did so & awakened."