Friday, August 11, 2006

Made It!!!

Well folks your wait is over. ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ has made it back from a 4000+ mile drive to Kalifornia for some skin cancer repair. Having made just under a dozen trans continental trips over the past 26 years (including 3 on a motorcycle) I have noted many changes to our fair land. The area of my youth has become seedier and more crowded which is understandable as the ideal climate (weather wise) has attracted a host of jerks who are now in control of the state.
I sometimes wonder if the fuel retailer signs advertising a discount for cash payment are having any takers. Who carries a bushel basket of banknotes along on such a journey? Thank the environazis who have insisted that absolutely NO additional oil will be produced or refined in these united soviets.
ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ only stopped a total of 3 times for fuel as "Nessie" the Ford F250 4x4 pickup has a 90 gallon transfer tank in the rear for (taxed?) diesel fuel. Petroleum bulk plants are a good place to buy fuel at sometimes $1.00/gal under the retail outlets.
The interstate highway system is losing its battle with the welfare and munitions sectors for maintenance $$$. As a result , at any given time about 2 miles in 10 are "under construction" and most of the rest contain bone jarring holes, dips and cracks. The worst (and they used to be the best) highways are in the Kalifornia soviet and the Kalifornia Highway Gestapo are hard at work doing what they can to generate cash flow for the various soviets (municipal and state) utilizing the 5lb vehicle "code". The trucking industry is the main target in this strategy and the consumers are blissfully ignorant that the extorted $ are passed along to them in increased transportation costs.
It will be a few days before ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ is up to speed enough to comment on the current sociopolitical scene, so please bear with him. In the meantime a bit of unsolicited advice: Never utilize a mode of transportation that precludes your possession of an "asshole" equalizer. Preferably in the range of cal .357.



Anonymous said...

Damn roads are always a mess and the money is continually robbed by these contractors that work for a day then take off 5. Also, glad to know someone else drives a damn nice truck.

Auntie D said...

Welcome back and I do hope all is well with you. May I make a comment? Okay, so I won't be waiting for the answer to that question and I will go ahead with my question. I am here in the south and about as southern as one gets which I have noted you are in the Atlanta GA area....but hon, I have NEVER heard a southerner talk as you do. Wadical recommended your site and I came and even though about half the time you totally loose me, I'm fascinated. LOL It's hard for me to make comments because I'm never quite sure what you have been talking about but I'm reading and trying. LOL