Friday, August 18, 2006

A Perverse Logic?

The greenies, environazis and other collectivists who wish to add to government powers are forever trotting out charts, graphs and Hollywood extraganzas to support their positions and solicit grant dollars from our rulers in Washington, so let's have some fun with letters:
everyone knows that hurricanes and tropical storms get tagged with names that progress through the alphabet each season.

Well, in Just 9 days, we will come to the one year anniversary of the emergence of hurricane “Katrina” from the mere tropical storm Katrina. That’s Katrina with a “K”, the 11th letter of the alphabet, thus the 11th hurricane of 2005.

So has this year’s K-storm, named “Kirk” shown up for the party yet? No, and neither have Joyce, Isaac, Helene, Gordon, Florence, Ernesto, or Debby. Do you suppose it was something we said?

Tropical storms Alberto, Beryl, and Chris did briefly show up, but they drank of the intoxicatingly warm tropical waters in moderation, and went home early, and soberly, without becoming hurricanes and doing the knocking-over-the-punchbowl things that hurricanes tend to do.

Bottom line: the number of named storms so far this year, three. Last year at roughly this time, 11.

In 2005 we had 15 hurricanes, and 7 of those were major. This year the latest (revised down twice now) prediction is: 7 hurricanes, 3 of those major. Looks like we are losing 50% of our hurricanes per year! If we started out with 15 in 2005, we will have our last hurricane ever during the season which ends in, …wait for it – December, 2009! Holy cow!!

Paging Al Gore! Al Gore, call your office immediately … and get me re-write!

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