Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pain at the Pump II

Washington Times picked up this Jeff Leonard AP piece on Trilby Lundberg publisher of the authoritative Lundberg survey of national gasoline prices. Refreshingly for the AP, this story is a straight profile on Ms. Lundberg that reveals some important insights from the “gas guru” as Leonard dubs her.

She condemns the “overzealous meddling” of the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies, and said government-mandated reformulation of unleaded gas and engine modifications aimed at curtailing emissions are more to blame for gas price increases than the worldwide Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Well, this sure doesn’t fit the template. And she opines on global warming: “global warming is a “boogeyman for political opportunism.” Those who promote the theory are trying to create a power base and “believe global warming is a reason to hike taxes and hike prices”

Al Gore call your publicity agency (the AP) this doesn’t comport to well with your big summer media blitz. There’s only one problem Trilby Lundberg has more credibility in left her thumbnail than Al Gore. Her views are widely anticpated every time she reports.

Chris Alleva 8 22 06

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