Friday, September 08, 2006

The Dhimmicrat Way

By Matt May
It seems former president Bill Clinton is more than a little upset about the impending airing of a movie about the build-up to the September 11 attacks. The king of free speech is demanding that ABC pull the drama from the air so that the American public will not be allowed to see it and decide for themselves.

This is the Democrat way. Anything that might put a question in the mind of the people as to whether the Clinton administration was asleep at the switch for eight years is to be banished and destroyed. Dissent is fine - if you happen to be criticizing Republicans. Otherwise, forget it. This strategy runs along the same line as the left's true definition of "diversity": People of different races, creeds and religions all saying the same thing.

President Clinton's response to this drama is quite telling, no? Think about it: Did President Bush demand that the pap Michael Moore peddles be stricken from the air or the moviehouse?

UPDATE: Check out Gary Harmon on this same subject - a great piece with nothing but the facts.


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