Monday, September 11, 2006

Our "Allies"?

These days it seems to Leonidas that our language is becoming more and more tortured and corrupted by political correctness . A few words that come to mind are: ally and torture.

For a perspective on "torture" check this out.

Hat tip/ No Pasaran



Wadical said...

I clicked the link and saw "that picture" again of Lynndie England with a naked prisoner on a leash and I'm sickened. Not by the picture, but because she was convicted of abuse. I have absolutely NO sympathy for that man....none. He's alive. He's breathing and he's got all his bones in tact. Inhumane?? what? I don't care if they degrade him...hell, I don't care if they hook his nads up with jumper cables. Much of what the world calls "torture" and "inhumane treatment" I personally endured in SERE school as do many servicemen today. Apparently we can't, in any way, make them "uncomfortable" in order extract valuble intelligence. If that continues to be the case...we're gonna lose this war. Who cares, though, right? At least we'll be remembered as "humanitarians" as we lie dead on our laurels and these "poor abused terrorists" dance on our graves.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

wadical: Glad you got the point.