Sunday, September 10, 2006

Has the Fat Lady Sung? (Obstruction of Justice)

The Northern California attorney Raymond Kraft has an interesting take on the end of the "Plamegate" affair excerpted here:
For a year, for two years, for however long Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has known that Dick Armitage was the leaker, and however long he has kept that information secret, concealing it from the Grand Jury and from Congress, both of which had a right to know, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has been willfully, knowingly, and deliberately obstructing justice, by concealing evidence of the innocence of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and their aides, in violation of 18 USC Sec. 1500 etc., which prohibits the obstruction of justice. By concealing his knowledge of the true source of Novak's information, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has made himself the obstructer of justice.

And by instructing Dick Armitage to conceal his own identity as the source of Novak's information, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has impaled himself, and Armitage, too, on the spear of conspiracy to obstruct justice, two or more people acting in concert, the independent crime of a conspiracy to commit a crime. A conspiracy of his own making.

This event, the obstruction of justice by the Special Prosecutor, the concealment of evidence that would have instantly resolved the investigation and exonerated the White House, whether to assure his own employment, or enhance his own prominence, to feed his own ego, or for the politically partisan purpose of going deep sea fishing to see if he could discover any evidence of any wrongdoing anywhere among the President's staff, despite the absence of reasonable suspicion, or probable cause, and despite actual knowledge of the source of Novak's information, can only be described as corruption - the corruption of the office of the Special Prosecutor, the corruption of Patrick Fitzgerald who willfully concealed evidence in order to obstruct the exoneration of President Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, in order to serve the petulance of Joe Wilson, in order to obstruct justice.
Fitzgerald's obstruction of justice has given America's Democrats and other Liberals a year, two years, in which to hammer and flail away at President Bush for allegedly violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act in a petty retaliatory tiff against Joe Wilson, all based on the uncorroborated allegations of Joe Wilson which are instantly disproven by the truth that Fitzgerald concealed.

HatTip: John Ray

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