Friday, July 06, 2007

OK for Me but not for Thee!

The partisan outrage over President Bush's commutation of the sentence imposed on Lewis "Scooter" Libby rings a bit hollow in view of the multiple hundreds of such grants of clemency meted out by former President Clinton. Most of the beneficiaries of Clinton's mercy just by coincidence happened to be his former business associates, his family, campaign contributors and a gaggle of Puerto Rican terrorists who were convicted of serious felonies and at least one homicide. The latter pardons appear to have been issued in order to garner Puerto Rican votes for Mrs. Clinton in her Senate race.

Conversely, Mr. Libby was convicted of giving misleading testimony to a grand jury and federal investigators during an investigation of a "crime" the elements of which were never either alleged or proved. Additionally, the investigator KNEW Mr. Libby to be innocent of the non "crime" being investigated.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ is unable to recount the vast number of instances during his investigative career for the county of Los Angeles wherein he was lied to. So far as is known none of the "liars" were ever prosecuted for doing so. It would appear that investigators for the Imperial Federal Government have an advantage over those who investigate ordinary and violent street crime. Could partisan politics possibly have anything to do with this?

When the punishment for the (non)"crimes" of Mr. Libby are compared to the punishment for the actual theft and destruction of secret documents from the National Archives by Mr. Berger who was Clinton's National Security Advisor, the political dimension of the entire CIA "leak" kerfuffel becomes glaringly obvious.

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