Tuesday, May 06, 2008

No Shame

The warmista activist renowned British explorer David Hempleman-Adams recently led a group including his 15 year old daughter (Camilla) on an 80 mile skiing expedition to the North Pole to call attention to the effects of "global warming". This was of course following near record setting winter temperatures for the Northern hemisphere. The NBC Nightly News bought into the stunt by presenting video (above) of their 80 mile trek including glaciers calving from a large land mass even though no such land mass exists that near the North Pole. They were also able to include footage of penguins along the route. Their expedition must have detoured several thousand miles to the south as penguins do not inhabit the Arctic but are indigenous to far south latitudes

This appears to be the latest effort on the part of the warmistas to convince the boobiogese to hand over more regulatory power to world governments. If any doubts existed that Pope Owl Gore's warmista followers had any shame, this latest outrage dispels it.


Anonymous said...


I did not see the penguins. I think you might have confused a shot of the skiiers in the distance for a line of penguins marching the ice.

MSNBC has few redeemable qualities, but I am not sure that even THEY are stupid enough to put reel footage of penguins up when discussing the north pole.

That said, I am a bit tired of seeing calving glaciers as stock footage for any global warming discussion. It seems to me that a climate cool enough to alow an ice mass moving less than 6 inches a day to reach all the way to the ocean without being melted first is pretty damned cool. I wonder if it ever occured to these dunder-heads that the calving at the ocean is a result of melting from contact with SALT WATER, not from atmopheric heat?

Now, stock footage of glaciers that melt to an icy stream PRIOR to reaching the ocean and calving, now that is cause for concern!


Rose said...

My daughter recently came home from school and said they had seen a global warming movie in science class. "Have you ever heard of Algora?" she asked.

"You mean Al Gore?"


"An Inconvenient Truth?"

"YES! That's it! You've heard of it?"

Yeah. And if they're gonna show you that then they better show the other side.

I ordered The Great Global Warming Conspiracy DVDs and Unstoppable Global Warming, and she gave them to the science teacher.

I expected a fight.

There was none. She showed the DVD in class.

I was impressed, and said that's all I ask, present both sides.

No word yet how it's going, but my daughter said there were a couple of kids in class who usually fall asleep during movies, and she reported that they did not fall asleep in this one. Interesting considering that the Conspiracy/debunking is so far less flashy, less Hollywood warm and fuzzy, no big budget to work with, I would have expected the opposite.

It's a small thing, but a good one. I have to say over and over again how impressed I am with her science teacher.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

You are right. I posted the video imbed at 2:10 EDT today and there was clear footage of several dozen penguins on various ice floes at just over a minute into it. They have been removed. Not surprising in view of the internet coverage first posted here and here.

Anonymous said...

I am beyond speechless. This is very telling of what types of people we have running our media. My God, my 4-year old nephew knows that there are no penguins in the Arctic! What the heck is wrong with these folks?