Monday, May 19, 2008

Sweden's "Finest?"

Readers of the scribblings of this humble author will doubtless have noted a recent dearth in the number of essays published by him here and at Eternity Road. The reason is probably twofold. Firstly the main engine driving his motivation is outrage. With the ongoing political dog and pony show known as the "presidential campaign" here in the US having now achieved more or less permanence, the outrage meter has been registering off the scale for well over one year. Some would characterize this situation as outrage overload or "burnout". In order to relate the following true story a new outrage scale had to be adopted.

On this date in the central Swedish province of Varmland five armed bandits perpetrated a heist of as yet unknown proportions. They struck two banks in the town of Charlottenberg which were apparently in such close proximity that only one lookout armed with an automatic rifle was required for both locations. Two burglars armed with weapons and dynamite broke into each unopened bank simultaneously by smashing the windows. This in turn triggered silent alarms at the town's police station. The alarms however were unnoticed by the two personnel on duty who for one reason or another were in another part of the station. The twenty five minute interval between when the initial alarm was sounded and when police personnel finally arrived at the scene allowed the suspects to blast open the bank vaults and bag an unknown quantity of cash. Meanwhile the heist was being videotaped by office workers in a nearby building.
The responding officers observed the bandits emerge from the locations and place the loot into a BMW sedan which sped away from the scene. The officers made no attempt to apprehend the suspects or give chase as the suspects were observed to be "heavily" armed. Imagine that. Swedish gun laws are about as strict as Washington DC. I guess the crooks failed to get the word.

According to a police spokesman the officers, although armed, acted "correctly" by allowing the suspects to flee due to the danger of a "shootout". One wonders if the Swedish police are only armed in order to arrest hapless non muslim citizens guilty of engaging in "hate speech" or members of the opposition Swedish Democratic Party, both of which groups are routinely harassed and beaten by groups of muslim thugs urban "youths" who are seldom apprehended.


Knute said...

An almost typical day in
multicultural swedish dhimmistan

Immigrated muslim woman falsely and intentionally accuses a 73 years old swedish pensioner for murder threat - she demands sek 50,000 ($8,000) in damages.

Anonymous said... Sweden...if you rob a bank with a bunch of big scary guns.....the cops don't chase you.

I have an idea for a vacation.
John Dillinger

*not's me, Wollf. JD is still dead*