Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Nonsense from the Messiah

"Dignity is worth more than any visa"

July 29 - On Tuesday, the State department announced that the Obama administration has revoked the diplomatic visas of 4 Honduran officials.

The reason, according to spokesman Ian Kelly, is that "we do not recognize the government of Roberto Micheletti."

This shows the stupidity of US foreign policy under this administration.

They do not recognize the government that is in charge, and has the support of the armed forces, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the majority of the Honduran people and even the Catholic Church, which normally remains neutral.

They recognize the non-government of a Chávez's puppet, who was trying to put in place an anti-American dictatorship like the ones in Venezuela and Nicaragua, and who has made a clown of himself by saying for four weeks that he is going back to Honduras, but still hasn't.

While the Obama administration keeps making concessions to the brutal regime in Cuba, they are trying to act tough against a weak country whose only crime is that their people refuse to lose their freedom.

Ramón Custodio, National Commissioner for Human Rights and one of those whose visa was revoked, told a Honduran newspaper that "Dignity is worth more than any visa."

"If for what I have to say they cancel my visa, if for what I have to say they do not invite me again to any of their parties, they can keep their caviars and rotten hams," Custodio told El Heraldo.

Custodio also told the paper that he will refuse any invitation to any embassy affair, if he would be forced to listen to mandates that no other country has the right to impose to the Honduran people.

"I will continue to defend the Constitution of Honduras and will oppose any attempt to deliver Honduras to Hugo Chávez."

After that, all I have to say is: Amen. Thank God for people like Ramón Custodio!

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