Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Cog in the Messiah's Gosplan?

The so called cash for clunkers boondoggle scheme comes to a merciful end as of 20:00 hrs. on Monday August 24 amid accolades to its success including the employment of hundreds of new and overtime compensated AFGE members government bureaucrats (2 months earlier than planned). Those touting its huge success may soon be implementing a new government sponsored "cash for hovels" program which will doubtless proceed along the following gosplan: If your mortgage is "under water", that is, the balance due is greater than the value of your home, the government will pay off your mortgage and subsidize a new and bigger loan if you burn down your present home hovel and purchase a brand new eco friendly one with government subsidized solar panels incorporated into the roof.

This plan makes perfect sense according to the operators of the existing printing presses US Treasury and will doubtless jump start the depressed home construction industry. Participants will be encouraged to incur additional debt at artificially depressed interest rates subsidized by the purchase of Treasury bonds by our Chinese "allies".

Only in the fevered minds of our current Marxist rulers does this make sense. The only conceivable glitch that this humble blogster can envision is the increasing likelihood that the Chinese will wise up and decline to underwrite the scheme. Other than that, it should be another huge success.

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