Sunday, August 23, 2009

Forked Tongued Leftists

You wouldn't be aware of it by reading or listening to the so called mainstream media but there is a serious flap going on over reports recently in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet by one Donald Boström accusing the Israeli Defense Force of abducting Palestinian Arabs, killing them and harvesting their organs for sale. Boström's article appears to be excerpted from a book he researched and authored in 2003 using as his "sources" (those are scorn quotes) 5 Palestinian Arabs identified by first names only.

Needless to say, the Israeli government is outraged by such irresponsible "news" reporting and has demanded that the Swedish government distance itself from such a scurrilous assertion published in such a prominent "news" publication. The Swedish ambassador to Israel, Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier responded with a statement distancing her government from the offending article.

The next day, the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, (Ms Bonnier's boss) issued a statement that Bonnier's condemnation "did not represent the position of the Swedish government". Bildt later clarified his statement by writing that: "The government cannot involve itself in "correcting all the strange claims in the media". Bildt added on Saturday: "There are very few bodies like the Swedish parliament in which opinion against pre-conceived notions and anti-Semitism is so strong, and therefore I don’t want to relate to that specific article.” This is a spokesperson for a Swedish government which routinely closes down web sites which offend the sensibilities of Muslims and even goes so far as to prosecute and fine Swedes who cite statistical facts relating to illegal drug trafficking by Muslim criminals.

Aftonbladet itself on Saturday published a piece entitled: "Israel fighting against Swedish freedom of the press,” calling for public support.

Just so you, dear reader, may grasp the hypocrisy and anti semitism of the socialist controlled Swedish government, the book screed referenced above by Boström entitled "Inshallah" was funded by various bodies, including the Foreign Ministry of Sweden, Swedish labor unions, and organizations based in the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas.

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