Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pacificism: The Bloodiest of all Utopian Philosophies

Pacifism, like all utopian philosophies, has always failed when implemented. Unfortunately, human nature unchangeable my mortal efforts, militates against the universal adoption of utopian ideas. Only one of the tragic examples of this is the Jesuits selling several tribes of the Huron Indians on the benefits of pacifism in the 17th century. The Huron people's traditional enemies, the Iroquois, were thus able to subsequently defeat them and disperse the survivors. The Jesuits, having the best of intentions, were complicit in the genocidal near annihilation of many of the Hurons .

How many times, in its history, has Europe gone 60 years without a major war, as it has since 1945? That peace has been due to American [nuclear/military] power, which was all that could deter the Red Army from marching right across Europe to the Atlantic Ocean.

Having overwhelming military force on your side, and letting your enemies know that you have the will to use it, is being genuinely anti-war. The Daladier/Chamberlain appeasement of 1938 brought on World War II whereas Reagan's military buildup ended the Cold War.

The famous Roman peace of ancient times did not come from negotiations, cease-fires, or pretty talk. It came from the Roman Empire's crushing defeat and annihilation of Carthage, which served as a warning to anyone else who might have had any foolish ideas about challenging Rome.

Only after the Roman Empire began to lose its own internal cohesion, patriotism and fighting spirit over the centuries did it begin to succumb to its external enemies and finally collapse.

That seems to be where western civilization is heading today.


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Jeff Kelley said...

I've never bought that Einstein quote, "You cannot simultaneously prepare for and prevent war."

I read a synopsis of a paper with the thesis that Rome decayed in part due to lead poisoning in it's ruling class. They were using lead water pipes and leaded glasses for wine. It would explain Nero's behavior.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

I have read the hypothesis as well. It will probably remain as unproven speculation. The western Empire survived 300 years beyond Nero's reign and to the middle of the 15th century in the east. We should be so fortunate.dhiwhusc