Thursday, November 09, 2006

What it Means

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ will finally weigh in with his take on the results of the recent exercise in plebean muscle-flexing. Of all the opinions expressed on the reasons for the Republicans having their asses handed to them on 07 November, George Will , an avowed conservative, most closely expresses the views of the libertarian ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ:

Republicans sank beneath the weight of Iraq, the lesson of which is patent: Wars of choice should be won swiftly rather than lost protractedly. Of course the election-turning issue was...incontinent spending by a Republican-controlled Congress trying to purchase permanent power.

The Iraq War, like the Alaska bridge [to nowhere], pungently proclaims how Republicans earned their rebuke. They are guilty of apostasy from conservative principles at home (frugality, limited government) and embrace of anti-conservative principles abroad (nation-building grandiosity pursued incompetently).

The most left-wing speaker in U.S. history will return to being minority leader in 2009 unless she eschews an agenda that cannot be enacted without requiring the many Democrats elected from Republican-leaning districts to jeopardize their seats.


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