Friday, May 04, 2007

"Sustainability" In The Land of Oz

Just when one thinks that the United Nations has lost all reason and credibility and will not be able able to sink further we learn of new depths to be plumbed subsequent to the nations of Cuba and Libya having chaired the Commission on Human Rights. The country of Zimbabwe will presently chair the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. This is the nation formerly known as Rhodesia which until 1980 enjoyed the highest standard of living in Africa. ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ supposes that in UN-speak the shrinkage of a nation's economy by 4.4% for last year and an inflation rate of over 2000% per annum (You sell 1 US Dollar for 258.840 Zimbabwe Dollars) the UN would consider it to be "sustainable". Even writers for the leftist publication New Republic find the situation "Kafkaesque."
The Zimbabwe dollar, denoted by ZWD or Z$, is the legal tender currency of Zimbabwe. The currency was formerly known as the Rhodesian dollar (R$), which was established in 1970 following the replacement of the Pound. At the time of Zimbabwe's independence in 1980, the Zimbabwe dollar was worth approximately the same amount as the Pound Sterling.

In Zimbabwe for the last 20 years under the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe, all indexes of economic well-being, let alone political freedom, have plummeted. Life expectancy at birth for males has dramatically declined from 60 to 37 since 1990 (for women it is even lower), making it the lowest in the world. The infant mortality rate has climbed from 53 to 81 deaths per 1000 live births in the same period. Five and a half million Zimbabweans currently live with HIV. Inflation has soared; trade unions are repressed; opponents are tortured.
Continuing with this bizarre logic we are to accept the findings of another UN commission (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that global warming is caused by human economic activity and sign on to the Kyoto Treaty to prevent the UN headquarters building at Turtle Bay from being submerged. Why not move the headquarters to Harare to avoid the danger?

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